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A User-Friendly, Efficient, Cost-Effective, Error-Free HIPAA-Compliant Eprescribing Tool For Your Practice.

Single e-Prescribe System
No Calls, Faxes, Or Paper Scripts Even For Controlled Drugs.
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Single Screen eRx and EPCS

    • A single workflow for all your prescriptions. ePrescribe now for both controlled (EPCS) and non-controlled drugs from the same screen.


  • ePrescribe with or without EHR.
  • Two-factor authentication for secured prescription delivery for controlled drugs.
  • Track your electronic prescriptions real-time; take control of med management.
  • Reduce lost prescriptions.
  • Stay MACRA-MIPS meaningful use compliant.
  • Sign-up with OmniMD Rx Writer within minutes.
  • Supports drug eligibility, real-time prescription benefits including formulary checks and therapeutic alternatives.

Interaction Alerts

Stay Informed with drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-disease interactions.

Medication Reconciliation

Quickly reconcile and view patient’s medication history.

Quick Access to Patients RX History

Quickly access patient’s Rx history on the prescribing screen.

Identity Verification and Security

Verify your identity with ID.me, a national leader in identity proofing. Advanced encryption to keep transmission of scripts securely.

Real-Time Drug Eligibility Verification and Formulatory Check

Check real-time eligibility and group level formulary coverage and avoid calls to PBM to verify benefits to include copays, deductible, prior authorization, therapeutic alternatives, and cost estimates for your patients. Increases medication adherence and improves patient satisfaction.

Single-Click Renew and Refill

Approve refills and order renewals with click of a button. Prescriptions reach the pharmacy within minutes and are ready for patients when they get to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Network

Access to thousands of pharmacies through SureScripts.

Patient Education

You can print the drug educational information in both English and Spanish.

Medication History

Pulls medication history from SureScripts (our partner and provider for American’s large e-prescribing network).

Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Get the exact prescription cost estimates for you and your patients.

Favorite Drugs and Favorite Prescription Order

Build your favorite drugs and prescription list while prescribing.

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